Sunday Stuff – Edition #29

Sunday Stuff – Edition #29


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How Tesla Fumbled**

📹 A 21-minute YouTube Video by Wendover Productions

Tesla has faced numerous challenges with quality control, particularly with the launch of the Model 3. Customers faced long delays, panel gaps, and a backlog of orders, leading to negative reviews. Tesla is working to improve production efficiency, increase vehicle quality, and streamline its supply chain to maintain its leadership in the electric vehicle industry.

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Apple’s iPhone Passcode Problem: Thieves Can Ruin Your Entire Digital Life in Minutes

📹 A 9-minute YouTube video by Wall Street Journal

If someone gains access to your iPhone passcode, they may be able to reset your iCloud password to access and steal your email, contacts, calendar, photos, backups, and more. Additionally, they will likely reset your iCloud password, removing your access to your data. To prevent this, use a strong password for your Apple devices (especially your iPhone), avoid entering your password in public (use FaceID and TouchID when possible), and change your passwords regularly. This will help protect your personal information and prevent unauthorized access.

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How IKEA Became Sweden’s National Brand

📹 A 10-minute YouTube video by PolyMatter

IKEA's affordable design and sustainability have made it recognizable worldwide. Its iconic blue and yellow branding and self-made furniture have contributed to its reputation for design. Watch this video to learn how IKEA became Sweden’s largest worldwide brand.

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How Science Made You Finally Like Brussels Sprouts

📹 A 6-minute YouTube video by Half as Interesting

Scientists have used genetic modification to create new varieties of Brussels sprouts with a milder, sweeter taste that is more appealing to eat. These methods reduce the levels of a bitter compound called glucosinolate. This breakthrough in the agricultural industry could lead to a resurgence in the popularity of Brussels sprouts. Critics have raised concerns about the safety of genetically modified foods, but proponents argue that the benefits outweigh any potential risks. Watch this video to learn how Brussels sprouts taste better now.

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Why 82% Of Mexico is Empty

📹 A 30-minute YouTube video by RealLifeLore

Mexico has diverse and rugged terrain, including deserts, mountains, and rainforests. These areas can be challenging to access and not suitable for human habitation. Additionally, extreme temperatures have led to depopulation in rural areas, which make up much of the "empty" land. Furthermore, rural communities often lack basic infrastructure. Finally, indigenous populations may choose to live in less populated areas. Overall, the reasons why 82% of Mexico is empty are complex but vital in understanding its demographics and geography.

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