Sunday Stuff – Edition #27

Sunday Stuff – Edition #27

Feb 12, 2023·

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The Airline Industry’s Problem With Absolutely Ancient IT

📹 A 22-minute YouTube Video by Logically Answered

For years, the airline industry has been stuck in the past with technology. Airlines have relied on outdated systems, often with components that have been around for decades. This has led to several problems, from massive delays to security risks. Watch this video to learn about the issues airlines are facing because of their technology.

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How Singapore Solved Housing

📹 A 14-minute YouTube video by PolyMatter

Singapore's housing market is a major success. In the 1970s, the government implemented measures to help citizens. These included a Home Ownership Scheme, which provided low-cost housing and generous grants to help first-time buyers. As a result, Singapore now has one of the highest homeownership rates, with more than 90% of citizens owning their homes. Watch this video to look at how Singapore solved its housing problem.

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Why the Big Banks Created Zelle

📹 A 12-minute YouTube video by CNBC

In response to the growing popularity of digital payment services like Venmo, the big banks decided to create their own digital payment system called Zelle. Zelle allows users to send money to each other quickly and securely. It is available at many of the major banks, as well as through several mobile apps. Zelle is linked to your bank account, and payments are almost instant. It’s designed to be a convenient, secure way to transfer money and is a major development for digital payments. Watch this video for a deep dive on peer to peer payment services.

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Starbucks Needs a Bailout... Again...

📹 A 12-minute YouTube video by Logically Answered

Starbucks, the world's largest coffee company, is again facing a financial crisis. Despite its massive size globally, they are struggling to stay afloat. Watch this video to take an in-depth look at the situation of Starbucks and what it means for the economy.

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Why Everything You Buy Is Worse Now

📹 A 6-minute YouTube video by Vox

In recent years, it has become **difficult to buy quality products at a reasonable price. Companies are cutting corners and using cheaper materials to boost their profits. This has resulted in a growing number of products that are of lower quality, break easier, and are more likely to need repairs. Watch this video to explore the trend toward worse products.

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