Sunday Stuff – Edition #26

Sunday Stuff – Edition #26


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A TikTok Ban Is Becoming Inevitable

📹 A 14-minute YouTube Video by Logically Answered

The U.S. government is leaning towards banning TikTok. They cite the potential national security and data privacy concerns from TikTok. Despite the risks, millions of people around the world continue to use TikTok for its short-form content. As the discussion continues, a ban on the app is becoming inevitable. Watch this video to learn about the future of TikTok

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Why Nobody Can Stop North Korea

📹 A 30-minute YouTube video by RealLifeLore

North Korea is one of the most isolated countries in the world, and its nuclear ambitions are a major source of worldwide tension. Despite many attempts to contain them, North Korea has continued to progress and expand the capabilities of its nuclear program since the 1990s. The U.S. and other world powers have imposed sanctions. The North Korean government has refused to budge and continues to develop its nuclear arsenal. Watch this video to learn about where North Korea’s nuclear ambitions will lead the world.

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Why the University of Phoenix Is Refunding 147,500 Students

📹 A 13-minute YouTube video by Logically Answered

The University of Phoenix recently announced refunds of $50 million to nearly 147,500 students. This decision was made after engaging in deceptive advertising practices since 2012, like overstating potential job placement. The refund will be distributed to students who had taken out federal loans and is meant to ensure that everyone who had been misled by the university is compensated for their tuition. Watch this video to learn about the giant that is The University of Phoenix.

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Why Do Creators Hate Adobe So Much?

📹 A 24-minute YouTube video by Logically Answered

Adobe has been a staple of the software industry for decades. Their products are used by millions of creators around the world. Despite their popularity, many resent Adobe's products due to their high prices and shady business practices. Additionally, the complexity of Adobe's software has been a major source of frustration for many beginners. As a result, many creators have begun to look for alternative software solutions. Watch this video to learn why so many creators hate Adobe.

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How TikTok Could Become a U.S. Company

📹 A 6-minute YouTube video by Wall Street Journal

As the discussion around a potential TikTok ban continues, many wonder what it would take for the app to become a U.S. company. One option would be for their parent company, ByteDance, to spin off TikTok and sell it to a U.S. company or group of investors. This would allow the app to continue operations while giving the U.S. government supervision of the app and the data it collects. Another option would be for ByteDance to establish a U.S.-based entity that controls the local app and its data. Watch this video to learn if TikTok has a future as a U.S. company.

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